Finding Stress Relief Through Mindfulness with Dr. Dave

Where: Parkview Center for Healthy Living (CFHL)

Free bi-monthly sessions. Call 260-266-6500 for dates, times, locations, and monthly schedule of all classes (request to be on mailing list).


Do you want to find peace and calm in the middle of chaos, confusion, and work-life juggling? Do you ever have trouble getting out of your thinking and overthinking head or find it challenging to shut down your brain after an exhausting work day? Are you interested in adding a valuable tool for relieving stress, promoting personal growth, improving relationships, overcoming grief, reducing pain, building wellness or emotional resiliency?


Understanding what Mindfulness really is and how to navigate out of your thoughts can be very helpful. This is not a pop-psychology positive thinking approach to well-being but a brain science method where research is exploding. In these introductory sessions you will be guided through a couple of practical experiences of Mindfulness including relaxation, breathing exercises, and sensory awareness skill-building. Following the practice, participants will be encouraged to ask questions and find additional resources to assist them with continued growth with this simple yet profound life enhancing skillset. Come to one or all the sessions as you can!

Dr. Dave Johnson PhD, is a licensed clinical social worker, marriage and family therapist, and clinical nurse specialist. He has worked with Parkview for 36 years, is a Professor of Nursing at the University of Saint Francis, and sought after public speaker locally and regionally with such topics as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Team/Culture Building, Emotional Intelligence, and Transformational Leadership.

FREE individual STRESS CONSULT with Dr. Dave is also available through the CFHL. Call and reserve your individual session.

This gentle online writing program is designed to bring instant, as well as long-term relief, for those experiencing grief or loss. Presented by Kathy Curtis, whose writing programs bring resolution to issues in life and work.



We will continually offer an array of timely topics, offered in person and online. We want to make it easy for you to find the resources you need. 

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